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Brando's Bride

Awdur: Sarah Broughton

Clawr Meddal: 180 tudalen

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Ym mis Hydref 1957 priododd Marlon Brando actores Indiaidd o'r enw Anna Kashfi; roedd hi'n dair ar hugain oed ac yn feichiog. Y diwrnod canlynol, honnodd William O'Callaghan, gweithiwr ffatri o Gymru mai ei ferch ef oedd Anna Kashfi, mai ei henw oedd Joan O'Callaghan a'i bod yn gweithio mewn siop cigydd yng Nghaerdydd.

In 1957 Marlon Brando married a young studio actress called Anna Kashfi. He was thirty-three and at the pinnacle of his fame. The wedding was front-page news. His new bride was twenty-three, claimed to be an Indian princess and was pregnant. The day after the wedding a factory worker in Wales revealed that Brando's bride was his daughter, Joan. This book sets out to discover the truth.