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Flavours of Wales: Welsh Cake Cookbook, The Maximize

Flavours of Wales: Welsh Cake Cookbook, The

Awdur: Gilli Davies

Dylunydd: Huw Jones,

Clawr Caled: 48 tudalen

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Cyfrol arall gan y cogydd llwyddiannus Gilli Davies yn cynnwys detholiad o ryseitiau sy'n dathlu cacennau cri neu bicau ar y maen, un o gacennau bychain mwyaf poblogaidd Cymru.

The Welsh Cake Cookbook features a selection of recipes celebrating one of Wales' best loved dishes - the Welsh cake. These little cakes are peculiar to Wales; the Irish are famous for their potato cakes, the Scots their oatcakes and the Bretons their crepes, but none make a sweet scone-like delicacy with quite the same appeal as the Welsh cake.