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Asterix and Caesar's Laurel Bunnet (Asterix in Scots) Maximize

Asterix and Caesar's Laurel Bunnet (Asterix in Scots)

Awdur: René Goscinny

Cyfieithydd: Matthew Fitt,

Dylunydd: Albert Uderzo,

Clawr Meddal: 48 tudalen

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Asterix and Obelix痴 drunken chieftain, Heidbummerix, sends them on a mission to Rome to fulfill a stupid bet. Their task is to come home with Caesar痴 laurel wreath to garnish a bowl of soup. But this is an increasingly difficult mission and doomed for failure, until fate plays a jealous hand.

Asterix and Obelix hiv tae tak the laurel bunnet aff Caesar痴 heid For the glory o Gaul or their wee clachan? Naw, it痴 aw because o a glaikit bet and a bool o soup! In their dangerous mission tae get their hauns on Caesar痴 laurel croon, will oor heroes keep the heid or go completely aff it?