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Cheval 12 Maximize

Cheval 12

Golygydd: Glyn Edwards, Rose Widlake, Molly Holborn

Clawr Meddal: 230 tudalen

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Y rhifyn diweddaraf yn y gyfres Cheval, yn cynnwys y cynigion gorau am Wobr Terry Hetherington eleni, sef gwaith llenorion ifanc sy'n byw neu'n dod o Gymru.

A poet watches a fox in her garden. A fruit seller is confronted by the Terrible Tunisian Tigress. An office worker longs to escape the confines of his desk job. For twelve years the Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award has provided a platform for emerging young writers from and living in Wales. This year's edition features the best submissions to the award.