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Jackie Morris Poster: Tell Me a Dragon Maximize

Jackie Morris Poster: Tell Me a Dragon

Awdur: Jackie Morris

Dylunydd: Jackie Morris,

Poster: 1 tudalen

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Poster trawiadol, maint 700x 500mm sy'n atgynhyrchiad o waith celf Jackie Morris ar glawr ei chyfrol boblogaidd i blant Tell Me a Dragon. Un o gyfres o bosteri yn arddangos gwaith celf hudolus yr artist; yflenwir mewn tiwb ailgylchu.

This stunning 700 x 500mm poster reproduces the cover art work for Jackie Morris's much-loved and best-selling children's title Tell Me a Dragon. One in a series of posters featuring the artist's enchanting body of art work; spplied in a recyclable tube.