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Tintin: The Saicret o the Unicorn (Tintin in Scots) Maximize

Tintin: The Saicret o the Unicorn (Tintin in Scots)

Awdur: Hergé

Cyfieithydd: Susan Rennie,

Clawr Meddal: 64 tudalen

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Tintin finds a model o an auld warship, the Unicorn, that wis commandit lang syne by Captain Haddies forefaither. Hidden inby is a clue tae the location o the lang-tint treisure o the bluidthristy pirate, Rachlan the Reid but its a clue that a gang o sleekit villains winna be sweirt tae kill for.

Tintin finds a model of an old warship, the Unicorn, once commanded by one of Captain Haddies ancestors. Hidden within the ship is a clue to the location of the lost treasure of the infamous pirate, Rachlan the Reid and its a clue a gang of unscrupoulous criminals is prepared to kill for.