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CBT Therapi Ymddygiad Gwybyddol Maximize

CBT Therapi Ymddygiad Gwybyddol

Awdur: Elaine Iljon Foreman, Clair Pollard

Clawr Meddal: 240 tudalen

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Gallwch oresgyn ofnau, rheoli negyddiaeth a gwellach bywyd gyda therapi ymddygiad gwybyddol (CBT). Yn aml, fe all newid ymddangos yn dasg amhosib, ond bydd y canllaw ymarferol hwn yn gymorth i chi ei weld mewn goleuni newydd.

Change can often seem like an impossible task, but this practical book will help you put it into perspective. With guidance from two experts, you will recognise the behaviours and thoughts that hold you back, and will develop skills to think more positively, act more calmly and feel better about yourself.